403: It's done

Rebuild time: month and a half. Breaking the engine in: also a month an a half!? Woo.

Now that isn’t entirely fair. The guy that does the break ins had hip surgery. that hip surgery was also last year, and they told me my engine would be done after the fact around christmastime, which only explains about half the time I waited. I wouldn’t really be mad, except for the fact that ALL THE NICE WEATHER ENDED JUST THIS WEEK.


Now that the venting is done, I am going to try to hurry it home, drop it in the car, and hook it up so I can run it periodically and make sure the oil doesn’t drain out of it... although I suppose it doesn’t really matter as the cam should be broken in at this point.

So... time to see if I lost anything. Expect pictures next week, and maybe video if I can figure a way to upload to kinja without using youtube, as I don’t have an account.

You can always place bets on the power it’s going to make. As for the details for those who aren’t familiar: ‘79 oldsmobile 403 with KB high compression pistons bored .024 over with a comp 260h cam, hooker competition headers, and a pertronix hei coil and ignition chip. Mind you, these will be gross HP numbers I assume as they don’t have my other crap on it.

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