41TE Assembly, Pt. I

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men...

As explained in the last post, only a few parts are getting cleaned at a time. (A parts washer comes in super handy for this.) After cleaning, they get lubricated and installed into the case. It’s a slow process, but it’s worth it.

First, we’ll start soaking some of the new friction plates in ATF (+4), while we gather a few items from the rebuild kit. Let’s see what parts we don’t have to clean at all. Oh look, a new piston clutch retainer!
So we’ll start by cleaning these parts first
New seals (inner and outer) and some fresh ATF for the low/reverse clutch piston
New L/R clutch piston retainer, new gasket, new fluid, and even new bolts! (or are they screws? Captain Slow would know.)
L/R piston in, spring ready to be compressed, snap-ring ready to snap on
LEFT: Park pawl prepared to be put in. RIGHT: The pawl peeks through this pocket to engage the planetary when the pilot picks PARK
Park pawl pins positioned and pressed into place (ok, ok I’ll stop with all the “P”s ...I promise)
Time for the ol’ reach-around! The rear planetary carrier has a short output shaft that splines into the output gear. They have to be installed simultaneously from either end of the case, as they both ride on tapered bearings that face each other. Once started, I can use the retaining bolt to bring them together.
Retaining bolt started on the output gear. This bolt then gets torqued down until a certain amount of preload is reached.
With the bolt tightened, this retainer assembly gets attached to ensure that the bolt never loosens. NOT PICTURED: after tightening the two retainer bolts, those little metal tabs get bent back up around the bolt heads to keep THEM from loosening.

The frictions plates are well-soaked with ATF by now, so coming up next, we can start stacking up the internals... 41TE Assembly, Pt. II

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