Time to start filling up the input drum with parts.

First, we’ll start gathering some parts for cleaning. The rebuild kit provides a new underdrive return spring retainer (not pictured).
And just look how dirty that underdrive piston was!
I made things a little hard on myself by not pressing the input shaft out of the hub. But I managed to make it work. These rings are “scarf cut”, which lets me open them up and slide them into place. I used some dull dental-style picks to carefully work them into their grooves without damaging them.
Some new o-rings and lip seals go onto the hub. (NOT PICTURED: the large lip seal that goes on the inside of that ring gear. Erm, actually, that’s not a ring gear. It’s the tone ring for the input speed sensor.)
The overdrive/reverse piston (left) and input clutch drum (right) get new seals
This spring gets pressed back down onto the OD/R piston and held in place by the snap-ring.
The input clutch drum now goes inside the OD/R piston
And the input hub slides into them from behind (or is it underneath? Uhhhh, well lemme put it this way: that input shaft ultimately points towards the engine ...which is mounted transversely, of course. So... yeah, whatever. Sideways, I guess.) Aaaaaaanyway...
Now we can bring the assembly over to the spring compressor and weasel a snap-ring in there to hold the input hub on
LEFT: The underdrive piston goes in, then this big ol’ return spring. RIGHT: This hat-shaped spring retainer has a molded seal built-in around the “lower” edge, but it’s a tight fit into the underdrive piston...
...so I use this homemade “Lip Wizard” to slide around between the pistons to help keep the rubber lip seal from getting caught on the edge of the UD piston. The trick here is to center everything in the compressor so that as the spring compresses, the retainer bulls-eyes the UD piston.
With the pistons finally aligned and seated, this snap-ring holds the big return spring down, and we can release the compressor

*whew* That is one tough spring! Alright, that’s enough fun for today. We’ll fill this drum up with clutches on the next post. 41TE Assembly, Pt. IV

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