41TE Assembly, Pt. V


Pump assembly parts & bonus cooler bypass valve
These four new steel rings must go into the grooves on the stator support. Earlier 41TEs had only three, and updating to the 4-ring design is HIGHLY recommended when rebuilding an older unit.
The rings slide into place, then get locked closed
A new seal gets pressed into the pump body. This seal rides against the torque converter snout.
Huh. I guess I don’t have a clean version of this picture. Oh well. there wan’t much cleaning to do, and you probably wouldn’t have noticed anyway if I hadn’t said anything.
LEFT: After bolting the stator support to the pump body, a new seal goes around the edge. RIGHT: The instructions call for a thin coat of sealant on the O-ring. Weird, but ...okay. I’m not gonna pretend that I’m smarter than the instructions.
The rebuild kit comes with new washers for the pump-to-case bolts

Now the core of the transmission is complete, from input shaft to output. Next, we’ll assemble the transfer geartrain & differential... 41TE Assembly, Pt. VI

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