41TE Assembly, Pt. VI

Because this is a FWD transaxle, we have the additional task of putting together a transfer geartrain and differential.

A fresh O-ring goes on the transfer shaft’s “lower” bearing race
LEFT: The shaft & its lower bearing go into the case, and are topped with this baffle. RIGHT: A length of PVC pipe can be used to hammer the baffle & race down into position.
Those special pliers make another appearance to help put the snap-ring back in, which retains the lower end of the transfer shaft
The upper race retainer & race drop in, and this shim slides on
Now we can slide the transfer gear onto the shaft
Then we tighten the retaining nut with the washer to pull the transfer gear down onto the shaft. This seats the bearings against their respective races and lines up the transfer (driven) gear to the output (drive) gear.
The extension housing and the other bearing retainer get new seals pressed in

Both of these retainers go in at the same time, with the heavy differential carrier assembly in between them. (If I had an extra arm, I’d have pictures for you.) Alas...

The ring gear is meshed with the transfer gear, and the carrier floats between the diff retainers. The rebuild kit did not come with a gaskets for the covers, and the instructions call for RTV anyway.
Diff cover and transfer gear cover cleaned up, RTV’d and torqued to spec

Now we can slide the head off of the engine stand (careful, the transmission is heavy!), set it down, and unbolt the head of the stand from the bottom of the case. With the tranny separated from the stand, we now have access to re-install the valve body. But we have to put that valve body back together first... 41TE Assembly, Pt. VII

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