Photodump time! Who likes potatoes?

This is a Chrysler 41TE, which came out of a 3.8 liter Town & Caravan. Let’s take a peek inside! There are a lot of parts here, but don’t worry; I won’t cram it all into one post.

Man, these FWD units sure are compact
That box below the cooler nipples is the solenoid pack. All together in one block for easy swaps without having to pull the pan. No matter; we’re gutting this thing down to the bone anyway.
Solenoid pack and sensors off
Front pump out (also to be removed: that little cooler bypass valve near the upper-right corner of where the pump was, where you see some ATF pooling)
Input drum (THREE sets of clutches inside this thing)
Input drum out
Front sun gear assembly
Front sun gear out
Front planetary
Front planetary out
Rear sun gear
Rear sun gear out

Ok, let’s take a break here. (I hate working on the floor.) Next, we’ll get the case mounted up onto a stand and get some light on the subject so that we can see down in there a little better.


To be continued... 41TE Teardown, Pt. II

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