41TE Teardown, Pt. III

Now that the transmission was up on a stand, I decided to take a break from gutting the central housing, and start taking apart the geartrain.

Behind door number one: the differential!
Next, we unbolt the diff retainers
And as we pry the diff retainers out, the carrier pops out! (the retainers have bearing races in them, and the carrier just floats between them)
Diff housing
Behind door number two: the transfer gears!
An impact gun makes short work of removing the fasteners for these gears. But first, the retaining clip must be removed from the output gear’s bolt.
Fasteners aren’t enough. Both gears must then be removed using a puller
Before taking out the transfer shaft, we must first remove this upper race retainer
There is a snap-ring DEEP down below.

My rebuild manual has a sense of humor here:

Go ahead. We dare you. Just try to get this little jewel out without the special pliers. No fair drilling holes or bashing things with a hammer until they give up. Even ‘Special Magic Words’ have no effect here. Had enough? Order Miller Special Tool #6051 from Miller Special Tools

*sigh* FINE ...jerks.
With the snap-ring removed, the transfer shaft can be pushed out from the diff end

And with that, the gears are out! Back to the center section.

To be continued... 41TE Teardown, Pt. IV

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