This input drum came out of the case in one piece, but let’s see what’s inside...

As you may have noticed by now, this transmission has no bands. All friction parts are clutch plates. And this drum has no less than three clutch packs inside. Let’s find ’em...

Pop out the first snap-ring, and fish out the reverse clutch plates
Then behind another snap-ring, the overdrive clutch-pack, and the UD & OD hubs
Separating OD hub from UD hub
Another snap-ring comes out, and we can extract the first of the underdrive clutch plates...
...then another snap-ring, and more of the UD clutch

Time for another special tool! To continue tearing into the drum, we need to remove a snap-ring that’s holding back a large, strong spring (UD clutch return spring). And to remove that snap-ring, we first use a transmission spring compressor:

This one is an external type. Instead of a shaft running through the drum, we need one that can cradle the drum from outside. Note the space between the bottom rails for the input shaft to fit between.
Now we press down on the UD retainer, and release the snap-ring from around that “snout”
With the spring released, a lot of pressure is relieved.
Back on the bench, we remove the retainer and the UD return spring.underneath it
The underdrive piston now comes out
Another snap-ring holds the input hub/shaft assembly to the drum assembly...
...and we can separate the two
A large, wavy snap-ring is hiding between the aluminum drums (ignore the input hub still attached in this pic; this is another thing that I did out-of-order)
Compress the big spring and remove the last snap-ring holding the two aluminum drums together
Spring released, snap-ring free
The two drums come apart

And with that, the input drum is now disassembled. You could go a little further, and press the input shaft out of the input hub, but I’m going to skip this step. I can get to the seals on the input shaft without taking the hub off.

Next, we’ll take apart the pump assembly... 41TE Teardown, Pt. VI

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