41TE Teardown, Pt. VII

Time to get that valve body apart. Are you ready?

First, we’ll get that tall manual shaft out of the way. Note the park rod, and the “rooster comb” that creates the shifter detents.
And let’s not forget that other part of the connector that came off in the case. We’ll see about getting that back together later
Back on the valve body, the 2-4 tower seal pops out
Unbolt the 2-4 accumulator retainer, and out come the piston and springs
Now we flip the whole thing over on its bottom and remove all the bolts. Unlike the hex-head ones holding the VB to the case, these are torx.
Now the transfer plate (left) is free of the valve body (right)
Flip the transfer plate over, and here is the separator plate.
How dirty is the separator plate? Here’s a hint
The transfer plate has only a few parts to remove
The main valve body has a whole lot more going on inside. Can you find all the checkballs?
Cheat sheet
To remove the valves and springs from the body, we must first fish these retainers out. Some of them are pinched fairly hard by the springs they are holding back.
Now the valves can come out. TOP: torque converter clutch valve. MIDDLE: T/C control valve. BOTTOM: Manual valve. The manual valve has a stem on it which is engaged by the plate at the bottom of the manual shaft. As the shaft rotates, it turns the plate and moves this valve back and forth inside the valve body.
Here are the T/C control valve and the manual valve again. Below them, the solenoid switch valve. BOTTOM: regulator valve
TBH, I’m not sure what this one is for. It was on the other side of the valve body. That’s okay, we don’t have to understand every little piece. What’s important is that it all goes back together properly.

There’s gotta be somewhere around 200 parts throughout this transmission; much more if you count each bolt and seal. Oof.

Better fire up that parts washer...

41TE Case Cleaning

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