Every two years my family holds a reunion on St. Simmons Island in Georgia. It’s a nice little island, although the beach is kind of weird in that the tides come and go so often that the sand never dries and it’s always packed down. Good for sand castles, but kinda annoying for everything else. None the less I love it here, not for the beach (look at the map and see where I’m coming from, I’m more of a mountain guy) but because my family meets here. I had been to every reunion since 2000 and wasn’t going to let the fact that I’m in college stop me from going. So I fired up the trusty old Ranger and went into the unknown.

Bad picture of my $1200 steed the day before the trip

I had overslept and didn’t end up leaving until about 9:30. The first 2 hours of the trip were rural highways, not interstates. I had to go through all these little towns before I got onto I-85 in Charlotte. I remember looking out into the mountains as I left Boone, thinking about how in a few hours I’d be looking at the flat plains of Georgia.

I crossed into South Carolina where I learned that Armadillos run wild there. This struck me as weird. I always thought they only lived in Texas or out west. I guess they live in the inferior Carolina.

I had always thought that South Carolina had drastically cheaper gas. I filled up for $2.08 a gallon in Boone but the cheapest gas I saw off the interstate was $2.04. What’s the point of South Carolina if it’s not cheaper gas? Armadillo reserve?


Cookout tray, not the one from Columbia, but a good reference image for those not in the Carolinas.

I made my first stop in Columbia for some lunch at Cookout. It was nice to have a slice of home so far away from home. They even had Cheerwine!

At this point I downloaded Waze. I had talked to my father on the phone and he said he had trouble where I-26 meets I-95 and that Waze had diverted him in the past. The traffic cleared by the time I got there but I decided to avoid the interchange any way. With the help of my Ham radio, I was able to find Bowman, home of the Southern US UFO welcome center.



Fun times.

The trip got pretty boring from there. I did have to stop for gas right after I crossed in to Georgia. The fuel light had come on, although I could only fit 14 gallons into the 18 gallon tank, so at the 24mpg I was getting I could have made it the 60 more miles to St. Simmons without filling up. http://www.fuelly.com/car/ford/range…


Yup. I made it.

For a $1200 car the Ranger did exceptionally well. The AC ran the whole time and it was able to keep up with traffic all the way at 75-80 mph.

Just goes to show that new cars are shams and you’re an idiot for paying more than $2000 for a new one.