Just need to transfer parts to the new oil pan, clean everything, and reassemble! More pics and info/story this time, continuation from my post the other day. Less cryptic this time!

Normally I don’t stack parts like this, but there is literally no safer place or way to do it because there are just so many
Bottom front of M178 engine without oil pan
Bottom rear of M178 without oil pan
Underside of AMG GT-S sans drivetrain
AMG GT-S front subframe with attached steering rack (hydraulic, FYI) and sway bar
Power steering pump > hockey puck > AC compressor
Old pan on the left, new on the right, various other things

So, the story, this is actually the same car that I had the turbos out of a little while back. It never left.


Reason being, went to change oil after doing all of the other work and found some gorilla had stripped the oil drain plug threads right out of the pan. Bureaucracy ensues, parts are ordered, time passes, and I was finally able to start working on it earlier this week.

Anyways, rumor is that this was an exotic track rental in Vegas. Which explains the abuse, poor workmanship, and high miles.


Why not heli-coil or time-sert the pan you ask? Three reasons. A: material around the hole is too thin and has an extremely high likelihood of cracking. B: liability in the event of a leak. C: MB said no and would probably void any future engine related warranty claims.

So to actually remove the oil pan on this car:

Remove battery and store in safe place because Li-ion

Remove all underpanels

Remove complete cat back exhaust

Remove transmission

Remove torque tube

Remove intercoolers

Install jig and suspend engine so I don’t get crushed when I pull the subframe out


Remove front subframe

Remove alternator, PS pump, AC compressor, and crank pulley

I can hear you wondering why so much. Don’t worry, I’m getting there. The rear main seal on this engine (and most Mercedes actually) is not just a seal pressed into the back of the block. There’s a cover that bolts onto the back of the block that the seal is pressed into. I’m sure google could assist you if you can’t picture it. There are two bolts that go into the back of the oil pan through this rear cover on this engine. Which is different from most in that the others have two bolts going up from the bottom so you don’t have to pull the transmission to do the oil pan.


You might also be wondering about the hockey puck, PS pump, and AC compressor setup. It’s done this way packaging reasons. AC compressor is belt driven. PS pump is mounted backwards and coupled to AC by the hockey puck.

Worst thing about this? I already had a bunch of this stuff out or lose for the work I did previously, so I get to do it all again! Yay 😒

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