Well, I got good news and bad news with the car. The good news is that he was able to get it all running well enough to become street legal, but it cost me $2300, and it still has some issues that he thinks may clear up with some driving. There was also the small issue of the AC compressor being potentially bad, and he knew I was beyond my budget already so he left it alone. (He mentioned trying some Leak Seal for the AC, because he has heard of it working).

The biggest worry from what he told me now is the fuel distributor. He cleaned it, but it might need replaced. Evidently that could run about $2500 at the worst for one from Mercedes.

Once he was done I took it to get some tires put on it, and an alignment. So that’s another $500.

Including the $2000 purchase price, and the $104 for the storage registration I am in it for just under $5000.


The work included (but wasn’t limited to):

-Valve cover gaskets

-tie rod ends

-oil lier kit


-brake fluid exchange


-A/C pressure switches


-Cleaning fuel Distributor & Throttle body

-Fuel filter

-R134a conversion

-electrical drain on battery.

I did try the A/C Stop Leak, and it did nothing so I am going to need to get a new compressor, which will mean another A/C fill. Which the mechanic said he would do for me. I understood that he would just do it for free (at least he said no charge.)


And I was going to get the safety done with the tires, when I realized GEICO listed the VIN wrong on the insurance card which means they wouldn’t do the inspection. And GEICO’s local office was closed for the holiday weekend. &*$#$$#^&*!

It turns out I couldn’t get the car registered for the road because July 3rd was also state holiday so they could have a long weekend. So no driving it yet.


So now I am on to the body and interior issues. My problem now is that I don’t quite know what the car is actually worth. I’ve seen some examples as low as $4000, but the average low I see for one that is not listed as being for parts is $8000. So I don’t know if I am already in the red or if I still have plenty of room.

I know that this is not a grey market 450SL as Mercedes USA read me the build sheet over the phone and the customer service rep said it was not a grey market car. But someone marked the title as mileage is not accurate.


The hard top is in decent shape, the soft top looks brand new, and there is only one problem rust spot on the car which is the top of the fuel neck where it meets the quarter panel. The rubber on the bumpers is looking very old.

The interior needs a stock radio, the wood veneer around the shifter is splitting, a few cracks in the vinyl on the dash, driver’s seat needs new springs, chrome fittings have some pitting, visors need replaced, and the seals could use replacing it looks like.


Oh, and the hardtop needs the bottom piece of steel replaced because it is rotted.


Does anyone have any insight into what the realistic value of the car is?