So I’m in the “Bay Area” aka the “Peninsula” aka Redwood City, PAO, SJC, San Bruno etc for the next two days and have taken a vow to eat as many taco’s as possible.

So far the tacos I’ve sampled are a polo taco and a carnitas sope. 6/10 at best. The chicken was way better than the pork. I like my pork crispy not in sauce (this pork was cooked in a green sauce). The sope would have been better with whole beans than refried but not an option. I freaking love Mexican cheese.

The Chevy Malibu is good so far. It’s very smooth and quiet. Seems like it was modeled after the 2012 Toyota Camry. It has that turn off when stopped feature, which scared the shit out of me while waiting for a light in a busy intersection. I think they spent all the money on the 7x7 color display and none on anything else in the car. The seats are cheap, like yugo cheep, like Lada cheap. The rear view mirror is not auto dimming, sum that up to things I’ve gotten used to in newer cars.