This technically isn’t the first time I’ve taken a 4C up my local mountain roads, but it’s the first time for my car.

1. Mine has the “Track Package” which includes a sportier suspension, as if the base suspension weren’t sharp enough.
2. Mine has the Race Exhaust, for which you pay the dear Modena factory staff $500 to remove the base model’s muffler. Illogical, but lucrative.
3. Mine has red seats, which add 30 hp.

I came back with a lot of insect blood on the front bumper, which I somehow never noticed with the red F355........go figure.

So I cleaned it up and also took out the DSLR for some quick high-quality photos.

Detailed review + driving impressions coming within the next few days. Hope everyone on Oppo has had a great weekend! Weather in CA has been splendid—had a very warm outdoor dinner.