Installed a grill insert that I got on Ebay. It required quite a bit of cutting, sanding, priming, and painting. However it turned out quite nice, in my opinion. The NOS Land Cruiser style “TOYOTA” emblem will be in next week.

Also got it aligned, though I’m skeptical because I got no printout and see no marks on the bolts to indicate recent adjustments. Oh well, it honestly showed no signs of being off after the lift anyway. I have new custom steel bumpers being made, and this annoying plastic drain will show to some extent, so I painted it flat black.


I also changed the oil, and drained the trans pan and refilled. Finally got around to inspecting the timing belt as well....looks like it’s probably never been done based on the stress fractures. It’s a non-interference engine, so I won’t hit the panic button, but it’s definitely on the to-do list and probably is something that I won’t do myself.