In light of my work trip being moved back and subsequently only working a couple hours this morning, I spent most of the day giving the 4Runner a much needed cleaning. First up was the wheels and tires.

These are the fronts - the rears weren’t nearly as bad since they have drum brakes.

Like the rest of the car, this was subject to neglect more than anything; wheel cleaner and some brushes however restored the wheels to their appropriate color (except where, you know, the finish is peeling off).


Meanwhile I had taken the floor mats out, which were very dirty, and taken a scrub brush with simple green and a pressure washer to them to try and clean out at least some of the 20 years of dirt present.

Far from perfect but much better. Similar improvement on the rear mats. I will get weathertechs before winter.

I thought the whole surface of the car was an oxidized haze, but it turns out it had just been unwashed/unwaxed for so long that there was just a robust dirty film on the paint. I got out the soap / foam gun thing and covered the car. While it soaked, I went around with some detail brushes to agitate in the seams and around badges, etc.

If nothing else, it’s fun

After agitating all the tight spots, I kept re-applying soap as needed until the gun ran out. Makes sense to let it soak. I then rinsed the car off (again with the pressure washer) and went for a normal 2-bucket wash. This was finally making some headway.

After wiping the car dry, I got a fresh bucket of water and cleaned the door/hatch jambs and gave the hard interior surfaces a wipe-down. I vacuumed inside, and cleaning the inside of all the glass. By this point it had dried enough to clay bar.


After the clay bar (sorry, no pictures) it was time for wax, aerospace 303, and cleaning the outside of all the windows. It really could use polished (lots of very light surface scratching) but I just don’t have time for that right now. It’ll happen eventually; for now I think it looks pretty good.

Had to move into the yard to stay in the shade. I should probably remove that old PA inspection sticker.

Cosmetically, the only remaining issue (other than needing a polish) is the rear bumper rusting out - a replacement has been ordered. I will hopefully have time before winter to paint it and get it in place. Otherwise, all I have left to do before it takes over daily driver duties is to sort out the brakes (feels like the rear adjusters have stopped adjusting) and change some fluids.

Now that it’s clean, I’ll actually put plates on it.

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