Small update on the progress of the 1970 S2. Not a ton of time has been spent on it mostly due to construction going on in my house and the continuing saga of the issues of Towburban (a whole other post).

1st. While doing my 3rd run to Ace Hardware I found this.

Same color as the Lotus being restored (under the A-Team paint job). Just in RHD European configuration.

The interior has been started on, stripping all of the moldy carpet and backing. It looks like the original material was horse hair on the firewall and as an insulation. The hardest part of taking things apart so far is that almost all the bolts have nylon lock nuts on them. The Lotus repair manual makes reference to them and how its going to suck.


The wheels currently on it are going to have to be replaced as they stick out past the wheel wells. So a hunt for original Europa wheels is on. I have a lead and currently chasing it down. The other issue was the current size tires on the wheels, now dryrotted beyond hope they certainly are not a common size.


The car had been partially worked on with some new plug wires, cap rotor and battery but unsure of how long ago. If someone knows how to decode a battery that might point me in the right direction. Photo of battery below. Just trying to figure out what year it was installed.

Currently we are working on making the adaptor so the car can be jacked up. Nothing like 1/4” fiberglass jack points. All the wiring will be replaced my father is thinking of creating CAN Bus modules and programming a ECU/Brain for the car to replace all the wonderfully crappy British Wiring . Leads into the joke “Why do the British drink warm beer? Answer: Lucas made all the coolers”


I will keep posted on the progress when the body gets separated and some more plans for the CAN bus modules.

So now enjoy the 4th of July picture. I think my daughter wants the car.