Yes, this is radiator #3 coming out for #4 going in. This has been an ordeal but Im happy to say

I think its over!

I also think I know why this radiator wasn’t doing the job. check out that brown spot, thats where all the paint has been heated away. Thats a VERY hot spot on that radiator. I don’t know if it was a flow issue there or what but I do know it shouldn’t look like that.

Wanna see it happen?

of course you do. start to finish in a little over 3 hours. I learned a lot from last time, one thing I picked up I will do for ALL my future big jobs


helps so much to be organized. So many little screws to lose. One thing I will also remember.  The drain bung is not only a pain to get out but it only shoots coolant all over the panhard rod making it impossible to catch in a bucket.  I collected all of a pint maybe.  Supply hose is a much better choice. Fun to watch though, I tell my kids its poison tiger blood.  

New radiator was FREE owing to the damage. funny story? The first 2 rads i ordered didn’t fit. The front mounting holes were about 1/2 to far apart, and as I was measuring how much I would need to pull this frame out to make it fit I stumbled on something interesting...


Here is the old rad that fit like a glove but sucked for cooling. 30 inches 1/4 center to center.


here is the damaged one...30 inches 1/4 center to center. a perfect fit. And what do you was. It bolted right up. Odd, if it weren’t damaged it wouldn’t fit just like the first 2. I guess even fate was feeling for me and decided to lob one in for me. Thanks!

Got it bled and took the wee one up the canyon for a torture test (of the cooling system)


This was the old log. It was just as hot today but despite pushing it to the same point with the AC on I only even got as hot as 194, and it cooled down faster too. Previous rad got well above 220.

Its too early to call it 100% good but I have hope!

Plus I had a nice time in the mountains with the little one and then later on a date with my wife.