4WD Hemi C3 - DO WANT!

Y'know, for fishin' and stuff.


It's actually a 1969 Corvette, which the owner bought in 1976. It had been set up for drag racing, and had a turbo'd 454 LS6. The body had completely rotted (salt air, yo) but a mechanic friend had an '81 shell, so he threw it on.

There's a 1970s Cadillac Eldorado FWD unit in there, with a Jeep transfer case mounted behind the transmission. That means he needed an engine that was shorter than a big block Chevy, so he pulled the 392 Hemi out of a '58 Chrysler Imperial and dropped it in.

The thing even has A/C, and that's a fishing rack where the front bumper used to be. The owner has 190,000 miles on it, and planned to hide a winch behind the rear license plate a la the gas filler cap location.

Full story and more pics:

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