it has a shuttle-shift transmission, and due to space constraints in the gearbox the reverser gear is about .93:1, therefore it’s highest non-coasting speed (almost 14 MPH!!) is reached in reverse ;)

The clutch and brakes are surprisingly nice, though the shift linkage could be more precise... Shifting can’t be hurried too much, and although the four primary speeds (and the reverse shuttle!) are synchronized, the three ranges can’t be changed on the fly.

The engine is responsive and grunty from 800 all the way to the 3800 rpm red-line. The steering, sadly, is massively over-boosted, it lacks feel, and the ratio is also too slow for spirited driving. The overall handling balance tends toward massive understeer, which can be corrected with judicious differential braking. Note that the engine is entirely behind the front axle, making this a front-mid layout vehicle! (also interesting: the manual advises not to tow loads that exceed the tractor’s weight at over 10 MPH, and to “never exceed 20 MPH when towing any load” which is funny, since it *WON’T EVEN GO* 15 MPH unless you’re coasting down-hill with the clutch in...)


also of note, it’s air filter uses a cyclonic separator and precipitation cavity to remove large particulates before they even reach the filtration element, how nifty is that? The lack of side windows, and use of zip-in curtains should count for something on the sports-scale too ;)