So every few years a string of cars comes along that really excites. The last one was the Audi S5 in 09, the Ferrari 458 with it’s aggressive design, the new C Coupe.

Here’s the newest list, what did I miss? I had the Kia Stinger, because it’s about time Korea had a great car.

McLaren 720 because it’s just so perfect, it’s the 1st modern McLaren with the performance and looks to back it. Alfa Romeo Stelvio because, come on- it’s basically a Giulia SUV (and we all know how good it was).

Also who else is really excited to see a face off between the Focus RS and the Civic SI? Oh and harkening back to Audi, the new RS5 reminds me a bit of the Audi Quattro concept.


You can watch the explanation here: 5 of 10 New Cars with waiting for! Coming in 2018 and 2019

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