I’ve been casually looking at the new Sierra AT4 trucks. I like the AT4 package and overall seems like a very nice truck. AT4 strikes a balance between Raptor level performance and RAM level luxury.

AT4 can be had with 3 different engines - 5.3 or 6.2 V8, and the new 3.0 diesel inline 6. The 6.2 and diesel cost the same ($2500). The 5.3 uses the standard 8-speed trans where the 6.2 and diesel get the newer 10-speed.


Looking at the gas V8s, strangely, the 420HP 6.2 is not rated for any more towing or payload capacity. The extra power seems to be there just for performance. But considering this thing is a truck, not a sports car, does the 6.2 really make sense? Yes, the 6.2 scoots and it has a great sound, especially with the optional performance exhaust. The 6.2 also burns more gas and wants premium fuel. The 5.3 is more than adequate power, tows the same, gets better mileage and uses regular unleaded and doesn’t cost $2500 extra. Is the 6.2 power, sound, and 10-speed trans worth it?

Maybe the answer is to wait for the new diesel to come out!

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