Here at Jalopnik, we don’t like plastic wheelcovers, we prefer the pure look of a naked steelie, or a proper BBS LM. As China keeps building more and more cheap alloy wheels, the plastic wheecover is facing extinction. Let’s look at some of the greatest wheelcovers designs.

5 - Volvo S60 16 inchers plastic wheelcovers : Solid construction, they looked like Bentley wheels from a distance.

4 - Volkswagen MK4 Golf/Jetta 15 inches plastic wheelcovers : A very sophisticated modular wheelcover that looked very classy on the MK4 sedan.

3 - W124 Aero plastic wheelcover : Another modular masterpiece that doesn’t look like something from pepboys.


2 - BMW E34 “Turbine Wheelcovers” Need I say more ?


1 - 1992 - 1997 Honda Civic Si 14 inchers “Swirlies” plastic wheelcovers : while they looked similar to the more plebeian versions installed on the CX/DX models, the 14 inchers were the Si signature, and a well trained car enthusiast could easily make the difference between a DX and an S1 just by looking at them.