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5 Days from now...

Enthusiasts from all over the Pacific Northwest will converge on Pacific Raceway.

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There'll be Hondas & Mazdas & Scoobies & 'Yotas,
Ferraris & Chevys & Fiats & Opels
But do you recall, the reason they're meeting at all....

Sorry, that was corny as hell. Anyway, this Sunday is the 10th Annual NW Toy Run. If you're in the Pacific Northwest, there are caravans, pre-meets, etc all planned out. This is a huge event all benefiting Toys for Tots.

"But Dukie, what do I need to do to get into this extravaganza of giving, feels and cars?"

Glad you asked, other voice in my head! Show up to Pacific Raceway (31001 144th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98042) with either $5 cash-o-la or a new, unwrapped toy (per person) and you can enjoy all the festivities, including 'dem feels of making a child's Christmas better.

"What festivities will there be!?"

I'm getting to that!

For the fans of American football, you can watch the Seahawks hit the shuttlecock through the wickets against the 49ers.


Get a bunch of your friends together and see how many of you can fit into a Fiat 500 in under 2 minutes. $250 to the winning team and a donation of $250 to Toys for Tots in the winning team's name!

5 laps being led around Pacific Raceway's 2.3 mile road course will also be available for $50. More info from the main FB page:

NW TOY RUN last year passengers were allowed, no helmet needed, no passing, safe vehicle = no leaks, can be pure stock if that tells you anything. as for drifting? i'm not sure, its not a 100% all out run,Don does push it real nice though. we were doing 110+ last year with it wet out. no slowing down to gun it and catch up ( we don't want anyone off the track) sign up when you get there sunday morning. there will be the lead car and i believe a trailing car this year to help minimize the slow to rush happening. It is a great feeling to run around the track at spirited safe speeds.

I hope to see some Jalops there, I'll be at the Pre-meet at Downtown Harley-Davidson in Renton if anyone wants to meet up there.

Main FB Page:…

Pre-Meet that I'll be attending's FB Page:…

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