Flew out to our cottage to close it for the season. We usually drive, this is actually the first time in my life we’ve ever flown without renting a car. Thanks Uber! It’s a weird experience. Walking everywhere, including the grocery store, which is about 20 minutes away. I need to get my golf cart restored and bring it out here (yes, they allow them on the roads for $75/yr registration). Cigars, beer, chopping wood, and getting ready for a long winter’s rest. Life holds little more. Except...

It would be a very relaxing weekend, but I get to see all the damage my cousins have done to the place. Flag pole is missing, gum stuck under the bar counter, paint spilled on the carpet, indoor furniture left outside and rained on (then brought back inside like nothing happened), tons of indoor firewood burned outside in the firepit instead of all the pine and garbage wood that I wanted burned, and screen door ANNIHILATED by someone’s dog, just after I fixed it in the spring from someone else’s dog.


I’m debating what to do about this. This is a multigenerational cottage that is loved by many. But the younger generation is abusing it, and by extension me. I’m the current caretaker, and I’ve put a lot of time and money into it. About 24 weeks of vacation time in the last 6 years have been spent fixing deferred maintenance, and six figures of cash.

I’m debating not letting a good portion of my family use it any longer. I’ve already told them and warned them about how I feel about the situation. We’re beyond that.

The funny part is, the non family people who use it treat it significantly better than my own family. Ugh, why are people such savages?

Time for another beer to wait out this nor’easter. Prost, oppos!