Recently determined that I am leaking oil from the oil cooler gasket. Apparently this is some OEM thing that goes in-between the oil filter and the engine that runs coolant through some coils. Well, my car has 182k miles and has probably never been changed so I’m guessing it’s rotted to all hell and leaking oil right there.

Should be easy enough, the gasket is only $5. Nope. Of course not. To do this you have to drain the coolant to take off the oil cooler. Well shit, my car has a bunch of miles I need to do that anyway but wait! The hoses are all shot and need to be replaced for the radiator and oil cooler. Wonder how old the radiator is I may have to replace that as well.

At 182k miles and changing the coolant it would probably be smart to change the timing belt prematurely too so I don’t have to drain the coolant again in 10-15k miles. Better buy a timing belt kit with the belt, tensioner, pulleys, and of course a water pump. Since that will all be changed, may as well change the thermostat too.

Things can escalate way too quickly.