The nineties was the last decade that saw an abundance of coupes. Here's the 5 most beautiful coupes that sold for less than 25K.

10 - Toyota Solara

Classical design with a twist a of sportiness.

9 - Nissan NX2000

Playful design with a twist of t-top


8 - Toyota Paseo

The reliable VW cariolet alertnative, with a twist a teal


7 - Chevrolet Lumina

Full size American confort with a twist of Europe


6 - Mercury Cougar

A cougar with a twist of youth


3 - Zuzuki X90

A coupe truck with a twist of je ne say quo'i


2 - Mazda Miata

A glorious roadster with a twist of coupe


1 - Volvo C70

A sexy Swede with a twist of Val Kilmer