Welcome to a new series I've created, called 5 Things For the Price of.... I will find five things on ebay motors for the same price, or less than, a specified new car. First up is the Mercedes CLA!

This is Mercedes' first FWD US-market car, as well as the cheapest at $29,900. If you buy this car, you are probably looking for affordable luxury, as well as the prestige of a premium brand. These 5 cars have both luxury and prestige, but which is the best?

28k mile jag xkr, supercharged

BMW M6, 500hp V10


1960 Caddy Coupe DeVille

1980 Rolls Royce Wraith


07 Audi S8

Which would you buy if it was your $30K? The new Merc, or something a little older?