5-year old dies on rental scooter - who's to blame?

In a tragic accident last night here in Tulsa, a 5-year old boy was struck and killed on a rental scooter. His mother was riding it with the boy, heading southbound in the northbound lanes at 8:30 at night (illegal at any time to ride with a child on one of these, much less against traffic after dark - horrible series of choices by the mother). The driver of the car that struck them left the scene (perhaps alcohol or drugs involved, or maybe they were speeding? - either way, hit & run is a criminal act). An innocent child is dead because of the terrible, irresponsible actions of his mother and this driver.

My question is: what responsibility lies with the scooter company? Do they bear no legal responsibility in this? Sure, they have all kinds of warnings that tell users not to let kids ride, that everyone should wear a helmet, etc., but no one abides by these rules. There are tons of injuries that have happened involving these, and several deaths. At what point is a legal disclaimer not enough?

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