Those are my Miata’s compression numbers...


Well, daisies. It wasn’t the starter that was preventing my Miata from turning over but it appears to be something far more complicated. The most likely case is that the timing belt skipped a tooth or two, in which case thank FUCK the Miata motor is a non-interference design! However, I’m worried that this timing mishap could be a side-effect of something more critical. The car’s at a Spec Miata-focused shop that I’ve done business with in the past so I know it’s in good hands. It’s a shame it broke down on Friday morning because I was going to take it to Charleston on Saturday and autocrossing on Sunday!

Shout out to KC Green’s comics which make me laugh when I need it.

Me missing Sunday’s autocross isn’t too unfortunate because I got to see history made live in F1, Indycar, and Nascar all in the same day. Anyway, I have enough funds saved up from my job to take care of a rainy situation like this so the Miata will be back on the road in due time. This won’t set back my current Miata project which will involving a near-entire redo of the interior!