After going through a summer here in Phoenix with the stock FD and basically being unable to drive it during the day, my major modifications to the car will be in regards to cooling.

The FD came in a few models, the R1/R2 models came with dual oil coolers (10 row and 9 row) and my touring model with one 10 row cooler on the drivers side. Seeing as how the oil is responsible for about 40% of cooling in a rotary as well as helping to cool the turbos, the stock configuration is barely adequate, especially during a 110+ degree summer.

I decided on the kit, with standard rubber lines and two 25-row coolers, which was right around 1k with BF discount. This kit runs the coolers in series rather than in parallel.

You can see why in 99 they redesigned the front bumber, I can barely fist it...

Time to take the front bumper off, oh dear god...


If you ever find yourself cleaning cacti fragments out of a car, I would suggest you not do it in a place where you'll be laying down, no amount of sweeping will fix this....

Quite a difference..


Stock oil coolers have built in thermostat, will be replaced with a seperate Mocal unit.

Some people cut the rebar as there's quite a bit that will be blocked off.


So far I've ran it a few times to check for leaks and so far so good. I'll be tidying up a few things and doing some more cleaning, will also be looking into modifying the OEM ducts and checking undertray clearance. I'll also post some engine bay pictures so you can get an idea of just how cramped it was installing the lines and thermostat.