$500- $1500* local Craigslist Challenge!!!

* they will need shit obvs lol.

The rules are simple. What are some rides on your local Craigslist that make you think, “meh.... not too bad actually”. The lower the price and radder the car, the better!


06 Charger R/T Hemi: $1500

First up is the car above. Ad says it has only one real issue. Something with a transmission solenoid. How much could a new valve body cost really? Hell, even a used gearbox couldn’t be more than $600 and take 3 seconds to install. Not bad for a V8, RWD sedan. Sell the wheels and get some factory take offs. Add $1000 for service/wear items and $3000-ish isn’t too bad for this bad boi. Flip it for $5500 is also an option afterwards.

2000 Acura TL: $1500

Everything looks good so far. Says everything runs fine. Ask $1k for it and spend $1000 on all service/wear items and that is a neato DD. for $2k in good shape.


2002 Mercedes-Benz S600: $1500

Offer $1000 and hope the things it needs cost less than $2000. Aftermarket/used parts and lots of elbow grease is key here. Research, forums and YouTube DIY’s are your friend. Add another $1500 on service items, give it a good SVEND and BOOM! You have a fucking rad V12 Benzo for $4500 in good working order.


2001 Volvo V70: $1500

GIB ULY TURBO WAGON NAOW! Offer this fooo $1000. The cheapo GM gearboxes on these take 3 seconds to install. Cat converters are cake too, junkyard or generics for cheap! I can knock out a t-belt/WP service and PCV box job in no time on these with my eyes blindfolded. $600 for the trans plus $1500 in service/wear items = Legendary safe turbo wagon for less $3200 ish. These fuckers can easily surpass 300k miles. Safety Turbo Wagon FTW!


2001 BMW 325i: $500

Says it needs PS pump and suspension. LOLOLOLOL EASY!!!! Flea Bay performance suspension 12 piece kit for $800. PS pump can be had for suuuper cheap, takes 3 seconds to install. About $150 for an aftermaket one with warranty. Add $1800 for every cooling system component (aftermarket but better) and service/wear items. All mega easy to do on their easiest engine to work on. In the end, you’ll have the solid BMW 3 series of my generation with even better handling and all in tip top shape for another 150k miles. All for around $3250 once complete.


1999 Ford Crown Victoria: $1500

In good order in and out. I’ll take that for $1500. They are willing to take offers though so i’ll haggle to $1000. Add brakes and tires for $600 ish and we are ready to do another 200k miles all day!

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