The last of the current updates, codenamed Operation Walletbuster have been completed. A new clutch/throw out bearing and various parts are installed, which is good as the last clutch was down to the rivets.

The tires were down to the wear bars, and flat spotted from sitting for so long. A nice set of four new Michelins were installed and balanced.

And the scary handling in the corners was due to the shocks being well past it (especially the rears which were completely blown). The rear shocks were replaced (which required a bit of unexpected drill work), and the whole front shock/springs were replaced (these are sold as pre-assembled packages now, which says a tone of time and money).

Results- the truck now can be driven at 75 MPH without issue (before anything over 50 was iffy at best). Also, going into a corner no longer causes the truck to lean over far enough to rub your elbow on the ground.

The only remaining project is possibly picking up an modern stereo unit from Crutchfield to add streaming Bluetooth and iPhone 5 support- but that is surprisingly cheap to do now in double DIN units.


Alas, the renovation costs on the house (doing two rooms, including a bath still stuck in the 60's), the 4Runner, and wanting to pull the trigger on a sweet deal on a Pinarello Dogma 2 race bike means the M3 was sold off. What should I do for my next project? VA Jalops do you have any leads?