$500 A8L: Deal of the century or life-ruining mistake?

On one hand it’s a fourteen-year old Audi that needs unspecified work. ‘Nuff said. On the other hand, though, the seller seems very motivated and the work could end up being easy & relatively cheap so this may be a bargain.


The ad reads:

Priced to Sell! I have a 2005 Audi A8L for sale. It has 158k miles. The cars battery is currently faulty, the car doesn’t start because of that. There are also a lot of other problems with the car, none of which I’m sure specifically what they are. The price is so low because I am leaving in a month and I’m not taking the car with me. The car will need some work, not sure how much. For $500 I think it would be a good project or worth the gamble. 

Also here’s this lovely looking GMT400 that I would probably buy today if it was a Tahoe and not a Suburban because that’s just too much vehicle.

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