“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
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having owned the FoST for two weeks and 500 miles now, I figured a brief update is in order. Both for the car, and my life. First things first, it’s incredible. Like I said before, the refinement is a very pleasant surprise and as the car breaks in, the gas mileage is getting better and better. It feels wonderful to drive and shift. The paint was freshly sealed yesterday and it is dazzling in the direction sunlight now. I am so glad I got a yellow one. So do I miss the FiST? Not really. Not in the day to day grind. The FoST is so far proving just as fun on the road while being more comfortable. Sure I can’t cock a wheel whenever the need takes me, but that’s a small price to pay for the reduced road noise and much better build quality.


As for my life....well, there was one final swing from the ex. She saw me at a party not too long ago and I brought along a date. Apparently this translated in her mind that I had been cheating in her for months so she made a bunch of accusations and tried to get my friends to turn on me behind my back. We argued it out a few nights after that and I was able to set the record straight so all’s well enough now....but I did meet someone incredible and I guess I’ve bounced back in a big way. I love my car, I love my bike, I am surrounded by good people again aaaaaaaand it turns out everyone else distrusted my ex a while ago and were waiting for me to really see it. So that’s nice to hear! :/

Bleh. July was rough. But August is looking much better. The new girl wants to go to car events with me so I might have to take her to Woodward since she never heard of it before. So if you see the banana express on Woodward, feel free to say hi if you’re out for the cruise!

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