Miles covered: about 500

Fuel used: approx £75/60l

Parts shedded: One (one of the plastic under trays). They don’t like puddles.


Oil used: Let’s not mention that...

Gates opened (and closed): lost count. It’s a problem when they are on a hill and the handbrake doesn’t really work.


Cattle Grids negotiated: OH GOD NOT ANOTHER ONE.


Weather types encountered: All of them.

Dams crossed:2


What else?

Times lost: That’s just exploring...

Time without any phone reception: about half the time. Sharpens the mind in the weather conditions when you haven’t seen anyone else for what seems like an hour.


Microwaves used a mail box: 1

Sheep seen: Many

Sheep run over: 0

Petrol station coffee: 4

Trashed 205 GTIs: 1

Ignis Sports: 1

Other MR2s: 1