The Mazda not mine. My father paid it so that I get a reliable dd for school/work and to pay much much less on insurance. I only pay the maintenance, the license plate and the insurance. There, the truth is out, I'm a spoiled rich kid.Now back to the subject.

My father wants to trade in the Mazda 3 '10 and his Altima '08 to get a brand new luxury (or luxury looking) car for about 500$ per month, now that I got my reliable car. My mother wishes that the car isn't long like the Altima but has almost the same space inside as the Altima. It's gonna happen in the next 2 months since he's gonna retire. Keep in mind that the car needs to be automatic, and no crazy hoon machines. He want a car that would represent his a Volvo or maybe a Cadillac. He loves Nissans so far...and hates korean car with passion. The car needs to be reliable and fuel efficient. Any suggestions Oppo?