As you could've probably predicted, I am having issues with this guy finding the title for the 380SEC, and I am not about to make a three hour drive to see something without a title. He says he will contact me if they find the title, but I'm starting to doubt this guy's ability. It really is a shame because I REALLY like that car... like a LOT. So Oppo, it is open season for my 500 dollar project car. I need your help to find interesting stuff. This is the kind of stuff I'm interested in.


-Stick shift

-FWD ONLY if it's a stick

- any sort of engine

- has to have a title

- has to have engine and trans, everything else can be missing or damaged.

- automatic ONLY if it's a nice benz/german

-preferably 2 door coupe/fastback/whatever

I am honestly looking for an INTERESTING car for $500. No commuter cars or boring cars. It can need work/ not be running, I do all work myself. I just want something to entertain myself with.

Oppo, show me what you've got and post your best 500 buck craigslist gems here! Also anything a few hundred dollars up and down is acceptable since I can negotiate my way into 500. Anywhere in the northeast area is good! NY/NJ/PA/MA/DE anywhere within a few hundred miles. I'm willing to drive a bit. Of course, nearer to NYC is preferable. Thanks!