Agrajag hooked me up with this sweet action for my birthday, as did alot of you guys. Getting dusty as hell in here looking at all the birthday love that was sent my way on Friday. I want to thank PyramidHat, Joest, 415s30, Zippy, foxbodymiata?, Scary, ttyymmnn, DancesWithRotors, Galileo Humpkins, 505 Morphine not found (whom I havent seen around for a while, good to hear from you brother), TFritch, Nibby, Jake likes a v12 Merc, nth256, Peter Black, Laird, EssExTee, DWhite amongst others whom I couldn't find on a quick search for 505 (but if I didn't, feel free to drop a link in the comments. You guys all made my day.