$50k No Prep 1/8th Mile Door Slammer Drag Racing This Weekend in San Antonio Texas

If you’re in town for Austin’s SXSW festival this weekend this is the Texas Size Drag Racing you deserve to see.


This type of Drag Racing is known as “No-Prep”. The only sticky compound used on the track is by each racing poured to his or her liking in front of the back tire. What makes this exciting besides the fact that there hasn’t been a team of tractors dragging the track all day to make the entire 660ft sticky enough to take the shoes off your feet is that the track becomes more and more sticky throughout the event.

There are some big names in this arena like Birdman , Larry Larson (YES THE LARRY LARSON from drag week), Mike Murillo and a handful of the guys from Street Outlaws all coming to San Antonio to take home $50,000.

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