Okay we've pretty much all seen them doing their thing in various rallies around the world.

Below is the 50th R5 completed. EDIT: as of 15th March 2014/

Others we've already seen out doing there thing.



But I've never seen or heard about the people who make the lions share of these vehicles mentioned on here which is a shame because the guy behind the company Malcolm Wilson O.B.E. has himself been a rally driver for many years (was even a Saab car dealership owner in Cardewlees, just outside the city I live in (my dad worked for him)).

They have completed their 50th Fiesta R5 with more to be done and orders in for the R5+ in the bag. Also testing a prototype racing Bentley (of which there are already 20 orders for them).


M-Sport is one of the world's top motorsport development and engineering companies and is headed by Malcolm Wilson OBE, who used his vast experience of rallying in Britain and around the world to create the company. M-Sport is responsible for Ford's FIA World Rally Championship team and has with Ford developed world beating rally versions of the Ford Fiesta and Focus saloon cars. It also operates a thriving support business for private teams, assisting Ford drivers in more than 12 countries. M-Sport is based at the magnificent Dovenby Hall in Cockermouth and has a strong Cumbria workforce leading the international success of the company.

"When we were looking for somewhere to house our thriving global motorsport business, it was hard to think of anywhere other than the place I grew up, Cumbria. We have won two World Rally Championships from our base in Dovenby, developed more than 10 top-level competition cars, attracted prestigious manufacturers such as Ford and Bentley and established an extensive customer base with close to 1,000 sales around the world. This idyllic country setting gives us something that very few others in the motorsport industry can offer." Malcolm Wilson OBE, Managing Director of M-Sport

They have recently been given approval for a £19m expansion on their site in Cockermouth for a centre for excellence for testing and evaluation to expand into general automotive industry.


A £3.5 million grant that will help create over 100 new jobs and secure 220 existing ones at Cockermouth-based M-Sport is now ready to be unlocked thanks to the project getting the planning green light.

Allerdale Borough Council has approved the £19m development at the Dovenby Hall headquarters of the rally manufacturer. The expansion and investment in a new R&D and manufacturing facility will be a key boost to the local economy and also create 200 construction jobs during the project.

Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership had already approved in principle a £3.5 million grant through its Regional Growth Fund programme, but it was subject to planning approval being granted and the work starting before April 2015.


George Beveridge, Chair of Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership, said:

"I am very pleased that the Regional Growth Funding can now be used to support this ambitious and exciting project. We recognised its potential and the benefits it would bring to the local area from the outset. It's an ideal project for Regional Growth Funding – developing into an expanding area of industry, securing existing jobs and creating new ones, and planting another marker for success in Cumbria's burgeoning manufacturing sector."

Cumbria County Council has also been supportive of the M-Sport development. In its response to the planning application, the county council said it supported the overall principle of the development, given the economic development benefits that would arise for the area. The council stated that the new housing on the site would not put pressure on the demand for local school places as there was capacity in the system and the development was outside the flood risk areas. From a highways perspective, the county council said the existing access road off the A94 was well able to deal with the scale of development and influx of jobs, as long a work is carried out on footways and at the Bridekirk road junction to allow local bus services to pick up and set down near the entrance.


Cllr Stewart Young, Leader of Cumbria County Council and LEP Board Member, said:

"M-Sport are one of Cumbria's great success stories. The ambitions laid out in this new development proves they are not resting on their laurels and intend to keep moving and keep growing. We're all backing that ambition and wish them every success in their new venture."

So you'll be seeing a lot more Fiestas in the future wearing 'PX' and 'PY' licence plates with even a good share of Bentleys too.


It's always good to see a local company do so well on an international arena (along with Eddie Stobart road haulage who were mentioned in the Topgear Patagonia Special Episode 2 with reference to the guy taking the cars across the river as 'Eduardo Stobart').


With even a crossover with the Eddie Stobart Rally Team using M-Sport Ford Focus's and driven by Malcolm Wilson's son Matthew.



It doesn't detract from such a milestone in such a short time or the amazing work but note to self: look harder for when the breaking news was added to the site as breaking news may of been at that time new, it may not necessarily be new by the time you read it.