The Christmas Buick photos got a good reaction from people, so I thought I’d share this video I made over the course of a couple weeks in the fall of me driving it around the countryside. Yes, the car needs new/rebuilt shocks. But it gets along pretty well for a 64 year old unrestored car that was used as a daily driver for 34 years and a regular backup car for at least 20 years after that.

Most of it is just gentle cruising on back roads with a straight-eight soundtrack. Things in the video:

16:51 - Playing around with the brakes; seeing if I could lock them up on dirt (they’re unassisted drum brakes on all 4 corners)


17:04 - Dropped it into “Low” and stomped on it to see if I could get the back end loose on dirt. Very mild success. (In “Drive,” the Dynaflow automatic never shifts from 0 to over 100 mph. Low can be engaged manually on the column shifter for faster acceleration at low speeds. It’s prone to failures if given too much abuse though)

~20 min. - Look, it’s capable of highway speed! The fastest I’ve driven it is maybe 80 mph (briefly). It had a lot more to give, and really feels more competent at higher speeds, except for being marshmallow soft and floaty with its worn out shocks.

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