The “what” is not much of the headline, it’s the “how” that gets me.

“Sydney had just shot the rifle and wanted to go check the target so she had laid the rifle down on the deck railing so she could (run) down the hill. Mr. Frick noticed she had left the rifle loaded with the hammer cocked back so he attempted to make the rifle safe. The gun went off when he attempted to lower the hammer. Sydney … had walked off the deck and was right in the direct path of the round.”

So this grown man who allegedly knows something about guns, claims he noticed a gun was still loaded. So he picks up the gun, and just happens to point the barrel at the girl. And then, the gun just accidentally goes off. This is mom’s boyfriend, by the way. At best, this man is a fucking negligent dumbass who has no business near a gun. At worst, this is the most unlikely story ever and this man is a murderer. Virtually every news outlet is calling it accidental... Handling a gun with someone in the field, and pointing the barrel towards them? Those are like... the only two things you’re NOT supposed to do during target practice.