Sometimes in life, you have to be completely crazy and spontaneous. That is exactly what this trip was, it wasn’t planned at all, a 5200 mile cross country trip that hinged on a coin flip, 4flips actually. I’m much more spontaneous than my Wife, I was proud of her for saying fair is fair, lets do this and I started packing up our Ram 1500 Ecodiesel Limited with essentials for a long road trip. You’re most likely asking yourself, how did we get to this point, I’m still trying to figure that out as I type this, but it goes a little something like this.


We had both spent months, sleepless nights, and hours of hard work to pay for our upcoming wedding. The stress was ungodly, trying to pay cash for something most people have to finance was rough. It wasn’t easy but after 6 months of heavy planning, crunching finances and spending almost every thing we had to make it work, we did it! The day came, and we had an unbelievably good time with friends, family, and of course a crazy ass party.

We were completely fried and needed a vacation away from the long 6 months of pure chaos. Jokingly, while bringing our two beagles to the Dog park, I suggested we should just pack up and leave. We live a pretty unique life, with both of us traveling for work. I can work completely remote, as long as I have wifi. She works for the airlines though, and only had another week off. As we returned home from the dog park, I told my wife that I was going to do some LED retrofits in the RAM headlights- which should have been standard on the truck. I told her if we are seriously going to do this, have everything packed by time I’m done with the install. As I finished up, she began to bring luggage out to the garage. I asked her what she was doing, She said “I flipped a coin, and 3out of 4times it was was in favor of the trip.”

That’s when it all started.

The first night we left around 8PM. We figured since we both travel heavy on the east coast, we really wanted to just make good time until midway through Texas. Our two boys would be going with us and, like an amateur, I didn’t have a tonneau cover to protect the goods. The boys needed all the space for their memory foam bed and blankets- and me for my mobile office. I knew I had to improvise and made a stop at Walmart. 2 chalk pens and a bag of heavy duty trash bags (to wrap our luggage in case of rain) we were ready.


We drove until we reached Nashville and we decided, since I needed to work the next day we should pull over and sleep. I stay at LaQuinta hotel chains, yes I know its not glamorous, but dogs stay free and I don’t have to worry. Since I travel so much for work, I have plenty of points stored up for free nights, which made the trip significantly easier. We finally got to our room around 2:00 AM, I made a make shift office in the back seat area of the truck which had my charging port and my mifi card both getting power. Our plan was to be on the road for 7:00 am, I could drive through traffic and then she could take over after we make it through the city. But of course, things never go quite as planned, more to come on the second part of our epic road trip, tomorrow.


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