521 miles in 3 days.

So I finally had my chance to take my yearly MSF refresher this passed weekend.

I was the only one who showed up riding a “jap bike”. Due to that, I was instantly given it as a nickname thru the class. Was given shit about it constantly. Eventually asked the Harley guys in my class, Why are you here, your bikes dont go fast enough for it to matter. They’re always sitting in a parking lot. Which got most of them to shut up.

During my course my instructor joked about my bike too. Had fun, learned a few new things, and stuff to watch for. Finally got my first “road gremlin” bell. Never had one.


Since I was taking this course, I tuned my business stuff out. So I had alot of time to ride and actually enjoy my bike again.

Between class stuff, riding home and to class, and my own riding after class, I put 521 miles on it. When I was riding just to ride, I remembered what got me into bikes, and why I really enjoyed them.

My MSF course was a little small for my bikes power, but I dealt with it. It was at a local Harley dealer. So I think it was more suited towards them than my bike. Only ever got dinged on not shifting. I really couldnt.

Wasnt enough rpm for 2nd to really work. Id shift, then shift back down to get back into the power again.


My car, has been sitting since Friday. Havent even started it once. Probably wont this week. Ive already got my riding bag out. So my poor car will just be a driveway queen.

I gotta get my phone fixed, yet again. Dropped it trying to take a picture, and broke the lens cover so I cant use my camera right now.


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