Or what I do to be able to see “my team” play a game of soccer.

I know what you’re thinking, 525 miles in 16 hours is nothing.. well, no.. but those 16 hours include a 2 hour game of soccer, two fuel stops and letting my mates stop to pee, smoke or buy some beer.

This year I’ve driven more than 2500 miles just to watch my local soccer team play away games, this is a team that plays in the third tier here in Norway.


And the car I’ve been driving? A third gen Chrysler Grand Voyager

The point of my story? Well.. The Grand Voyager is actually a bloody awesome car for this type of driving. Decent milage, room enough for a driver and 6 passengers. Shitty headlights though.. might as well strap a couple of candles on the front.

Oh yes, my team have won every single game I’ve attended.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the car is at 320k miles now.


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