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Political Rant Ahead: A Chevy Citation for your time.

I work in statistics and every election year I am ashamed of my country’s willful ignorance towards math.


I can see no greater indictment of our political system than the two steaming piles we are told we have to choose between and yet if voter turnout and popular vote mirror previous election cycles, 30% of eligible voters will choose our next egomaniac in chief. Consider the extremely low (historically the lowest) approval ratings of both candidates and you wonder when the majority will finally say, “To Hell with this two-party system that implies there is only yes or no, black or white to every issue!”

I’m not saying don’t vote for one of this froth-mouthed maniacs to be your next president, I’m saying don’t feel like you have to.

Our democracy is, at its base, to conform to the will of the people. Instead what we have is it forming to the will of the people who pay into it because of a worthless, lying old wive’s tale that voting for anyone other than the two is tantamount electing the other candidate. When instead it could be electing the appropriate candidate.

Want a true moderate? Don’t vote for the excrement put on a plate from a primary of right-wing or left-wing voters. Vote for a moderate.


TL;DR, vote your heart, not with fear. Our process is broken and playing the game of the people who broke it will not fix it.

Sorry, the garbage that “I’m voting for this pile of hot garbage because the other is scary” is the worst way to choose a candidate. You wouldn’t buy a car because it was the best of the two worst, you would keep looking for a car that was better for you.

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