One of my friends posted this rather........interesting house for sale in Detroit on his FB page this morning. I can’t say I’ve ever really seen anything quite like it.

LINK HERE (It might have been KINJA’d)


EDIT: The Detroit Free Press wrote up an article on this home since it became an internet-viral-hit. It was nice getting a bit of background on the house and the owner. While certainly you can question Mr. Nassar’s taste, you can’t question his automotive enthusiasm.

I did find this the least surprising bit of this article:

I really urge you to click on the link and go through the full photo-set as it’s something that you really need a little bit of time to take it all in, but I’ll at least add a few photos here:

From the outside, it at least looks well kept. And yes, a bit gaudy, but it can’t possibly prepare you for whats coming when you open the door....


I don’t even.......
I can’t poop here with all the statues looking at me.....judging.


I’ve never seen one of these outside of a movie.

(Edit: The Google Maps Streetview showed me this incredible view:)


But like I said, it also comes with not one, but TWO cars that are really just as.....impressive as the rest of the house!

Dual air-horns on the hood of a ‘66 Cadillac Fleetwood........


The ‘74 Lincoln Mark IV Coupe doesn’t have the dual airhorn hood of the Cadillac, but still quite ‘unique’ in it’s own way.

I feel like this place needs to be converted into some kind of Museum.