5th Best Selling Sedan (with a caveat)

That’s a 20k+ delta between 4th place (Accord) and 5th place (Model 3). And saying that your sales are better than the Sentra ain’t much to brag about. I wonder how badly Tesla sales have hurt Prius sales... quite a lot, I’m guessing. Toyota definitely dropped the ball by letting those customers go elsewhere. Another thought: how many Tesla owners paid way more than they could really afford for their car, just because they had to have a Tesla?

Interesting to note that the Mustang shows up as a sedan in this chart (pretty sure the SAE definitely of sedan agrees with that).


Found it: The SAE defines such a vehicle as any two-door model with rear accommodation greater than or equal to 33 cubic feet (0.934 m³) in volume (includes legroom, shoulder room, and headroom)

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