Time for today’s Peugeot! They made a 603 didn’t they? Sadly non.

Time for something a little further from the beaten track then. A Bristol is possible, but let’s go a little further East.

Meet a Tatra 603. Three lights (the middle one steered) or four, your choice, bearing in mind that Tatras were only intended for the ruling classes in the socialist worker’s paradises of Czechoslovakia and places nearby and most of the earlier ones were taken back and rebuilt as the newer ones to be reissued.


You can very quickly get far too much of tilt-shift photography.

Either way you got a 2.5 V8 sitting in the back.

It looks like this, restored to within an inch of its life. Note what seems to be a hole for the emergency insertion of a starting handle.


Less restored, more like this.


The 603 was in production for about twenty years, as was its successor.

Oh, and just because it wasn’t a French car doesn’t mean that Thierry Dubois didn’t  get his crayons out for it.


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